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Guidelines and Ideas to Curate a Visually Aesthetic Instagram Profile

According to research, it has been found that millennial today prefer user generated content 50% more than other social media content. So, it is not surprising to see the popularity of Instagram sky-rocketing with each New Year.

Whether you’re a blogger, or a business company, it is of utmost importance that you create a feed with substantial user generated content (UGC) to channel followers. Now, the main question, exactly how can you leverage enough user generated content for your profile?

Well, before diving head-first into the ideas and steps, let’s take a note of why you need to curate your Insta feed.

Why must you design your Insta feed?

Instagram is dominated by visual imagery; hence, it’s no surprise that many businesses choose this social media platform to market their companies. With more than 800 million active users online and innumerable brands cropping up, you must have an outstanding feed to get potential customers and audiences to stay on your page.

That’s where your Instagram feed comes to your aid. A user’s first impression is the first 3 rows of your grid. So, not only does it have to be attractive but you must also opt for making it aesthetically pleasing to your viewer’s eyes.

Notice how many brands and small businesses have generated followers throughout! Well, it wasn’t all luck. Most stories of brands and social influencers have one thing connecting them -they all have intriguing Instagram feeds. Of course, you could also buy instagram followers (real, targeted followers) – but it’s not absolutely necessary! If you’re wanting to buy Instagram followers, use a reliable service such as Buzzoid, iDigic, or Twicsy.

Hence, if you’re planning to take your business, blogs or channel to the next level, do not just focus on your UGC, but design your feed carefully too. Luckily, here are some exciting feed ideas you can implement to make your profile top-notch.

Make your Profile unforgettable with these Insta feed Ideas.

Instagram is currently one of the leading social media networks with more than 800 million active users and 25 million business companies.

So, let’s be clear; just posting pictures and creating boomerangs won’t exactly make your company or profile stand out. The competition is tough, so if you’re looking to elevate your feed, you need to think out of the box.

Well, here are some ideas you can use to grab your viewer’s attention.

  1. Theme it all out

Whether you’re a social influencer or a brand, you might want to add a theme to your profile. Let’s say you’re a Food blogger, then you can start posting about all kinds of flavors, recipes, restaurants. Most importantly, add relevant images or even host tutorials. The options are endless.

Otherwise, you can choose your theme based on the following:

  • Seasons
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Graphic gif’s and illustrations

Or, you can give minimalism a try.

  1. Get help from Pinterest

This site is visually dominating. Pinterest can help you generate loads of new ideas and themes; hence, don’t hesitate to swipe through some themes and check out popular pages and posts to create your own singular look.

For e.g. – Vertical horizontal stripes to make your grid attractive, or simply choose a white boarder or you can even try monochromatic images.

  1. 3, 6 and 9

You can take the help of a chopping tool and break up your images. Try portraying a story and re arranging the pictures to create a statement. People love unique stories and new ways of presentation.

Now, moving on to the main part, here are the steps to create a visually stimulating feed.

4 necessary tricks to design an aesthetic Instagram feed:

Whether you’re a designer, a public influencer, a digital marketer or blogger, you need to be at the top of your game to generate followers. So expand your audience with these following steps.

For Businesses- 

  1. Positive Press

You post what you preach. Therefore, share success stories of your brand, its journey and legacy.

Post pictures with contextualized texts, or even bring forth a celebrity to boost your company’s face. Be humorous yet professional, and talk about how potential users can benefit from accessing your brand’s product or service. One more thing, don’t forget relevant hashtags.

  1. Staff showcase and client success

Be user friendly. Post pictures of your staff at work, or you can also take screen shot of your user’s positive feedback for your brand and feature it as a shoutout on your page.

  1. Submit everyday moments

Post snippets of work life, or leave behind a trailer of your next product in a subtle way. Build anticipation amongst your audience and don’t forget to communicate with your customers in the comment section. Use themes or fun face filters for a more personal touch.

For Social users-

  1. Use hash tags and filters

Instagram is all about its filters and hash tags. Thus, if you’re trying to tell a story, use the popular hash tags relating to your story. Filters are a must, so add some to make your posts authentic and unique.

Also, bring in some variations and don’t consistently post similar kinds of images.

  1. Content is king

If you’re a blogger, then take in ideas from different Instagram feeds or be creative. Your posts must look like you own them, think about the things you feel passionate about and post accordingly. Try to maintain positivity; no one likes a negative Nelly.

Hence, pick out ideas and themes, and implement them to your feed to make it trustworthy.

  1. Post good quality pictures

It is very basic and simple; just make sure your pictures come out clear and clean. Blurry pictures tend to make your audience not hit the like.

Another important thing to consider is placement of the image. Try to make your profile as visually aesthetic as possible. Also, you can add them to your stories with good taglines.

  1. Tools to the rescue

You can use Instagram tools like Planoly to plan your feed beforehand in case you don’t have enough time to invest on Instagram (works both for businesses and Social feeds).

An attractive Instagram feed calls for a happy user.

Therefore, stand out from the crowd, and make your Instagram profile one of a kind. Remember, the key to an attractive profile is versatility. So, check out the above mentioned ideas and tips or experiment with new ones to gain a horde of followers.